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Our Approach

At Dixon’s we’re prepared to offer you the best pest control money can buy. Get anything you need from a single visit to a regular subscription. And get any of it at a fair price. Unlike the national pest control companies we don’t try to get you commit to a long term contract by half doing the job. They get rid of half your pests then tell you you need monthly follow ups to do the job that should have been done on their first visit. With Dixon’s, we do all residential¬† jobs right the first time.

If you’re involved in food preparation, regular follow ups may be necessary to meet Health Department regulations. The health Department ceases to be a problem with Dixon’s. Because we eliminate pest problems the first time and keep you ready for any inspection the Health Department can come up with.¬†

Commercial spaces, government agencies and large buildings owe it to their employees to be able to work in a pest free environment. No one wants to be walking down the hall abe confronted by a rat. With Dixon’s your employees will feel there never was a pest problem to begin with.

If you’re having problems with unwanted pests? You should be coming to Dixon’s to speak with a professional exterminator today. If you have tried dealing with pests without success, call us today and tell us the about your pest problem. Our pest control specialists are standing by to assist you.

Our Story

Dixon’s Pest Control is a family owned business dedicated to getting rid of the pests that annoy our customers. We only employ service technicians and inspectors who are trained and licensed in the areas we serve.


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