With the right credentials, you may be lucky and be able to begin your career in pest control because we might say experiencePut your education and experience to work for you

Dixon’s is the leader in pest control in the greater Washington D.C. Area. We are a growing company with rewarding jobs for qualified candidates. Whether you already have pest control job experience or are considering working in this industry for the first time, talk to us

Salaries are based on a combination of factors including training, a desire to learn this business and experience for full or part time employees. Please review the positions we currently have open and, if you are ready to join a fast paced team of pest control professionals contact us.

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Residential and Commercial pest control Technician

  Residential and Commercial Pest Control Technician Location:The greater Washington D.C. Area If you are a Residential and/or Commercial Pest Control Technician, or if you are a person who enjoys helping people and businesses solve problems, we may have the perfect career opportunity for you. We are Dixon Pest Control, serving the greater Washington D.C.....